Media Release: Kerry Cycling Campaign Celebrate UN World Bicycle Day 2021 and call for interim cycle lanes

The Kerry Cycling Campaign is encouraging people to celebrate UN World Bicycle Day to take to their bikes today. Regular physical activity of a moderate intensity, such as cycling, has huge health benefits. People of all ages see significant improvement in their mental and physical health by being more active throughout the day.

Anluan Dunne, speaking on behalf of the Kerry Cycling Campaign, said: “there is a clear desire for people to cycle more as has been demonstrated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. On UN World Bicycle Day, 2021, we are calling for significantly more ambition to provide safe routes in our towns and villages to enable people to choose their bicycle over their car. Several Councils across Ireland have installed interim bike lanes and this has had a massive impact on cycling levels. Kerry County Council must provide the same interim cycle lanes while long-term designs are being produced”.

As people return to workplaces and as retail re-opens motor traffic levels are increasing. The RSA, Gardaí and road safety advocacy groups have been warning that these increased traffic levels will impact the safety of roads and streets – particularly in urban areas.

World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle — a simple, affordable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. The bicycle contributes to cleaner air and less congestion and makes education, health care and other social services more accessible to the most vulnerable populations.

Anluan Dunne concluded: “we have recently witnessed the heartbreak and tragedy which can befall a family when roads are designed solely for motor vehicles to the detriment of every other mode of travel. Traffic collisions account for 40% of child deaths in Ireland and in the past year there was a 6% increase in overall deaths. No interim measures have been provided to protect vulnerable road users to cycle to school, work or leisure in Kerry. This is in stark contrast to other counties such as Cork and Dublin. Pop-up cycle lanes are cheap and quick to install and funding is available.”




Kerry Cycling Campaign

Kerry Cycling Campaign is a voluntary membership group who wants a cycling-friendly Kerry for people of all ages and abilities. We are a member of, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network.